Compression Stockings and Socks
We currently offers Therafilm®, Valco® and Venosan® compression products.

For over 50 years, Therafirm has been a leader in manufacturing healthy, gradient compression products. Knit-Rite, Inc. purchased Therafirm in 2000 and has re-invented the brand & product with updated colors, new styles and high quality standards. Therafirm products are quality inspected, ensuring superior, true gradient compression garments. Products endure constant evaluation and adjustment to meet quality standards and customers’ needs.

Valco Products J.Vaillancourt Corp. is a Canadianbas-progressif-de-nuit-png-5mcz Family owned business, which has been has been providing health related products for over 45 years. Valco offers a wide variety of products such as MEDIVEN, the most innovative compression stockings on the market today. Highly specialized lymphedema & wound care products. Stylish ValcoFit stockings, functional orthotic braces and prosthetic products.

Comfortable, Stylish, and Healthy: VENOSAN provides excellent quality and value compression stockings for a variety of medical needs. As a leading developer and manufacturer of specialized elastic yarns, VENOSAN products are of the highest quality. The on-going transfer of knowledge url technology between VENOSAN’s manufacturing and development teams allow them to constantly improve production techniques and to develop new ideas which makes VENOSAN medical stockings an industry leader.